Flash Forward - Cafe & Restaurant Flash Photography - 90 Page Digital Book

Jacob Manfred
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"I crafted this digital book with young Jacob (me) in mind. Back when I was learning flash, having this guide would have been incredible. Those days when I struggled to grasp the intricacies of flash, this treasure would have been nothing short of extraordinary. And so I hope this digital book changes your life, just the way I intended for."

- Jacob Manfred

Whether you’re aiming to enhance your professional portfolio, impress your clients, or simply want to capture the magic of the culinary world, this workbook will be your guide.

Get ready to illuminate your photography journey and unlock the secrets of creating stunning images through the art of flash. Let’s embark on this exciting adventure together!


• Mastering the one light setup.
• Types of light.
• How to create soft light.
• How to create hard light.
• Understanding shadows.
• Side light example.
• Back light example.
• Bounce card (my favourite tool).
• Negative fill.
• Selecting camera settings for flash.
• Strobe vs speedlight.
• Flash settings.
• Power of cropping & rotating.
• Focal point.
• Lens choice.
• 35mm, 50mm, 100mm photo examples.
• Selecting a camera body.
• $99 Speedlight image examples.
• Selecting a flash system.
• 10x Photo challenges with light setups.

Listed below are the topics for the 10 light setup challenges.
Each challenge provides you with behind the scenes, notes, settings and gear.

1) Bring your own surface.
2) Use a surface within the venue.
3) Showcase the venue in a unique way.
4) Photograph a group shot with more than 3 plates.
5) Photograph a drink with backlight.
6) Capture a pour shot. 
7) Capture a splash shot. 
8) Photograph a flatlay with a sun light effect.  
9) Incorporate hands.
10) Macro or close up Shot.   

A 90 page guide to help you become familiar with artificial light for Cafes & Restaurants.

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Flash Forward - Cafe & Restaurant Flash Photography - 90 Page Digital Book

2 ratings